I have had a passion for photography since I was a child, I always had either a disposable camera or film camera with me any time I did anything (way too many selfies with friends before selfies were a thing!)! I went to college to become a children and family therapist because I have always had a passion for helping others and understanding the feelings and emotions we all go through, it thrives in my photography because I can feel a situation and if kiddos are getting overwhelmed we just make it fun and make sure they're happy, because what is the fun with pictures if no one is happy?! After taking photography courses in college, then completing my bachelors degree in psychology I realized my true passion has been and always will be photography! I feel like working with families and capturing moments so precious in their life is where I should be. Sessions with me are super casual and I take the time to make sure we get the moments you love! Though my pricing may have times associated with them, it is less about time then it is about getting images! I have two very stubborn children so I have a lot of patience when it comes to small or even older children who despise pictures as much as my husband, and let me tell you he does not like pictures at all! I would love to capture your memories, feel free to send me an email if you have any questions!