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I SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS! What does this even really mean?!


As a small business owner myself I love supporting other local small businesses! Have you taken time in your week to support at least one local small business? Did you know by supporting local small businesses you are supporting your neighbor who in turn can support you! 

The concept of supporting small business is really just one big pay it forward act. By going to your local coffee shop once a week (or more) you're doing your part to keep that business in business. Say one day you want to get your co-worker a gift card for her birthday. You take some time to think what does she like? COFFEE! I know she loves coffee, I'll get her a gift card from my favorite coffee place. She takes her gift card to this coffee shop and falls in love with their iced caramel macchiato (I speak from personal experience). She then finds herself stopping by this coffee shop on her way to work, sometimes she even brings you your favorite coffee because she knows it's going to be a hard day at work. These "small" acts of supporting and sharing small businesses is much bigger than you just going and buying that $5 coffee. The same goes for your local photographer, you book a session, you recommend me, I get more business! As a small business owner who is a photographer, I love working with other businesses because we can help each other out in so many different ways! Not only can we share the good word of our businesses but we can use each others services/products regularly. The one I support your business to more likely I'll remember to tell all my friends about it. If a friend messages me and says hey let's have lunch this week, my first thought will most likely be let's go to this restaurant I love that another friend of mine owns, one because I know it's going to be good, two because I know the owner will appreciate it, and three the friend I bought will most likely love it as well and then recommend it to friends. See where all this is going? 

Now Jennifer, this is all common sense. I support local businesses and really this has been 5 minutes out of my day reading this I wish I could have back, ok not really but come on we all THINK we support small business but we all know we are the first ones to go to those big name stores to get invitations to our kids party. Did you know that almost everything you get at a store you can support a local small business instead! Cookies, I got you! I have a great cookie lady! Shout out to Sugar Loves Flour of Lincoln, California! DA BEST!

Even if you specialize in one thing you can still support the same field. Can I take my own family pictures? Yes. I can. Is it miserable for everyone. Yes, yes it is! Do I support a local photographer? Yes I do! The wonderful Rebekah Townley Photography is my go to photographer ! Now I realize if you own a local tax firm you're really not going to hire someone else to do your taxes... BUT you can make sure to support someone else in some way! 


Thank you for reading this blog today, this has been a passion of mine for a while now and moving to a new place it has been my main focus for a year to try and collaborate with local businesses because we are each others biggest supports. Thank you Sugar Loves Flour and Rebekah Townley for being so amazing at what you do (and I apologize for my watermark on those images while I run and manage this site I still sometimes can't seem to figure out small details like that. I am in no way claiming I took those images as they were both taken my you!)! The picture below is one Rebekah took of my husband and myself and I love it so!  If you're a Sacramento area small business owner that would love to connect with me feel free to reach out via email at [email protected]

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