What do we even wear?

March 23, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

What do we even wear to this thing?!

Have you booked a session with a photographer and now you're like I don't know what to wear?! Well let's hope this help you out a little bit. I hope this blog works because it's a little different because I have this set up to send out to my clients when they book so you get that experience here. 

"But Jennifer, if I didn't book with you, why are you being so nice?"

First off, that's me. Mrs. Nice. I love helping anyone and everyone in ways that I can. If it's relieving stress from your session on what to wear, that's fine with me. Here we go! Fingers crossed this all works and it isn't total waste of time for you. Perhaps it's my way to get you to cancel with your current photographer and book with me just to get access.... HA Just kidding it isn't. Support that local business ! 


Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope this has helped you in some small way. Outfits are something are bring a lot of stress to people, even me! Ask my friends! I text them all like crazy when I have my own family pictures done because I don't know what everyone should wear! What color scheme should we go with this year? Didn't we do similar to that last year?! The most important thing from this is do something true to you, I once had a session ask me what to wear, we picked out outfits together that would pop and be flattering, but then after the pictures she said "I just don't feel like the outfits are us..." It's tough because if you go into a session not knowing what to wear but then end up hating your outfits, you can't just photoshop them out. Stick to YOU. Not comfortable in a dress? Don't wear a dress! BE YOU! Be you for sessions and BE YOU in life! 


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