What if my kids are wild?

March 26, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

What if my kids are wild and crazy during the session?!

Challenge Accepted! I chose the picture above because well it's my kid. I know if I put someone else's kid up there they may think I was saying they were wild. Truth kids 99% of the kids in sessions are WILD. They are running around like they have more energy than they need and the parents are STRESSED. So if you're reading this and thinking I can totally relate to that. 

"Jennifer, but really what IF THEY ARE WILD"

Ok, my point is kids are wild, it's my job to get those moments whether they're wild or not. If your child isn't wild but cries at the sight of a camera (it's a real thing) or if you have a child like mine that sees a camera and goes full Wednesday Addams, you just want to cry. I don't want pictures of my kid crying or looking like they are miserable. If you've read my other blog about lifestyle photography, this is where it pays off. I will literally run around looking like a total fool if that is what makes your kid happy. I tell jokes, they're terrible believe me, but if they laugh out of pure sadness for me, I'll take that smile. 

"Jennifer, this isn't really helpful because I still don't want pictures of my kids unhappy"

Totally get that. I mean who does right? I don't know how many sessions, well I do, ALL OF THEM, that the end of the session ends with the mom (because the dad is usually like I'm done with pictures and I'm OUT) saying, I really hope you got at least one good one. Girl, I got a lot of good ones, I promise you. I won't end a session if I don't KNOW that I got at least one key important shot of the family, each kid by themselves and all the kids together. I PROMISE. 

"Ok, let's pretend like you break your promise because my kid hasn't stopped crying since we got here and I know there wasn't a moment they smiled." 

Fair enough. That has happened. I have a guarantee that if I didn't get the shots you want, I'll do a reshoot in a different setting that you think that kid will be happier in, or at least a day they didn't get their yearly shots an hour before, kind of thing. 

"Jennifer, I'm just so scared to spend all that money and not get any good pictures"

If I haven't emphasized in my other blog enough on finding the right photographer for you, this should have set it out for you. Not everyone wants lifestyle pictures of them walking through a field all smiling like that a totally normal thing for them. Don't worry I had my family pictures taken last year in a field, that is not a jab any anyone, but really isn't if funny when you think about it? But if you have small kids, opt for a lifestyle photographer until they become grown adults and you don't have to bribe them with a new gaming system or fancy sports car. We've all been there, most of my parents at sessions use the "if you want ice cream after this, you better smile!" 

Hang in there parent you're doing a great job by the way. Below is a picture of my kids I took years ago. I'll just say my daughter does not love being right next to her brother but I got that RIGHT second where she doesn't look like she's in total pain. WIN ! 


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