I have a client closet!

April 10, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Hey there! A lot of photographers have been moving over to the client closet option when booking a session with them. This has so many pros to it I don't know if I can count. If you know me, you know I'm going to try in this blog. Here goes....

1. Using a photographer's client closet is so great because you don't have to worry about picking outfits for people. There is a lot of planning when it comes to getting pictures taken. Whether it be a family session, wedding, maternity and so on. LOTS OF PLANNING. Having an option for someone else to pick out your clothes makes it SO MUCH EASIER. I for one text all my friends asking them about outfits for my family pictures so I can appreciate the help.

2. Color palettes are kind of hard to pick. Depending on the season, colors just photograph different. In the fall we all wear beautiful fall colors to go well with the background! Unless of course you live in Northern California, Arizona and a few of those desert like places and the only color in the fall is brown.... Those times we wear fall colors to be FALL haha 

3. Buying clothes isn't cheap. If you're like me and you buy nice clothes for your kids to wear for pictures they may not wear them again. I can't even stand that face my kids make when I tell them what they're wearing each year because I know it's a well I'm not wearing this again unless I'm forced to. If they have to dress up they're not wearing that $50 outfit I got them for pictures last year, thats for sure. #notcoolmom 

4. Step outside your box. Family pictures or any pictures really are a time to step outside your box for clothes. I don't wear a nice dress walking into the store or going to my sons baseball game. I am a photographer so it isn't like I need that skirt/shirt combo for the office so this may not be for everyone. People who don't have to dress up for work may not have that many trendy cute outfits to wear. Getting it from a client closet is perfect! 

5. This one is for my maternity clients. These dresses ARE EXPENSIVE!! lol Who REALLY wants to shell out $200 plus on a dress they're literally just going to wear for like an hour then try and resell in a group and get a fraction of the cost back. That's where I come in, get one from my client closet ;) 

6. Pick and choose. Let's say your husband wears one shirt type and he has a perfect one he's excited to wear for pictures...I say that because my husband says "pick out my clothes and I'll be there with my smile and then try and get this whole picture thing over with as fast as I can". His shirt is well bold, and you have no idea what to pair it with. I can show you my client closet and see what we can do to make it work. A lot of my items are neutral because it keeps it simple. Not everyone is bold. 

Ok that is really what I can think of at this time, but I'm sure there are more reasons having a client closet as an option is such a great idea for any photographer and a great opportunity for people who are getting pictures taken and really don't want to buy new clothes or just have no idea what to wear! 

Here is a link to my current client closets as I have them broken down to maternity and girls dresses though almost all of my maternity dresses can be worn by non expecting women. I also have several skirts and dresses in stock that I really need to get on my site, but I just keep forgetting! 



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