Where do we take pictures?!

April 02, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

But where do we even taken pictures?!

"Jennifer, I have lived in the same town all my life but have no idea where to take pictures"

I get this question A LOT. Well really just about every session comes to me without a plan of where they want pictures taken. This is not something typically have planned and it's up to the photographer to figure that out, if the client wants of course! Sometimes I get people coming in saying I love this place are you willing to take pictures there, YES ! Well let me make sure we can. I start planning sessions by asking questions on what the overall look they're going for is. Are these pictures going to be giant and hanging on your wall in the entrance of your house? Do you want something BOLD or something laid back and mellow. I will send a list of locations with pictures included of locations I typically take pictures at to help people narrow down the look they're going for.

"Well Jennifer, I don't live near you or I didn't hire you to do my pictures"

Fair enough. If you love the outdoors you know you at least want something outdoors. Is it spring time? Are the flowers blooming? How about a session in a meadow or garden? Do you have a favorite spot in town to sit and enjoy family picnics? Or are you city people and would love a nice stroll around downtown with some neat murals in the background? 

This may be one of my shortest blogs because if you haven't booked with me and don't live in my area it really is just based on what is around you. Do you live near the ocean or a lake? How about a beautiful forest? I like to tell my clients to pick a spot in their house that they would hang a picture on the wall and see what feels right. If that doesn't make sense then you may not have a certain color scheme or decorative theme going on so your options are endless. If you have a very modern home with clean lines, you could have a pop of color at a cool art spot near you that just really draws your eye to the picture more. See what I'm saying? 


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