Jennifer, Why Should we book with you?

May 26, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Jennifer, I’ve seen your name or advertisement places and I wonder why I should book with you?!

This is a subject I’ve talked about in a few other blogs of mine but I’ll just put it all here in one. There are several reason I’d love to be your photographer! As a photographer not don’t do I capture those special moments in each session whether they be sweet or funny and everything in between, but I focus on emotions! I am the type of photographer that is more focused on emotions and moments than getting those posed pictures. While I do of course do iconic posed pictures because we all still love those, I just try and have fun during the session in turn make sure you and or your kids do too! 

So that’s it. Just Kidding! Another reason to book with me is because I am a create your own type of photographer. While my super efficient software sends out reminders for your session, I also send a long list of other things. For instance I send out a link with location ideas. You are not required to pick any of my locations, I am ALWAYS up to new fun locations ! Honestly some of my favorite locations are places my clients picked out! It’s a win win ! Locations are tough and I usually try and take the weight off you by trying to get a plan of what you’re looking for. For example, water, tall grass, a city look or all the above?! Ha well unless we drive in to San Francisco the last option is a bit of a challenge but believe me when I say I will work to make it happen! 

When booking with me I send a link for things to wear and things I suggest not wearing. This makes planning those outfits a little easier. I mean I still get super stressed picking out my families outfits each year LOL Pictures almost always a stressful enough but when you have to plan your own outfits without the help of anyone else it seems daunting. Let me take that off your shoulders by laying out clear plans for color schemes and patterns. I’ll even suggest you text me pictures of possible options and I’ll tell you which I feel will photograph best! I also say wear something you’re comfortable with, like don’t wear a long maxi dress if you mainly wear jeans and a hoodie and it doesn’t represent you at all! I had a session once that broke my heart because we planned their outfits and after the session she said I just feel like our outfits aren’t “Us”. Don’t let that be you, you should BE YOU for the session but maybe a little extra ;) 

Here is another part, I have a client closet. While it is limited to women and kids dresses at the moment I have several items that would coordinate with just about any other item of clothing for members of your family I don’t have sizes for. This works great for expecting moms, I can send a link to that list of dresses if you’d like. As for non expecting ladies, I have several gowns that are just fun! We all deserve to have a fun session where we wear a dress that is so awesome we want to cry! 

I may add to this blog at a later day, but these are just a few reason I’d love for you to consider me to be your go to photographer!


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