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May 09, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Referral Program, say what?

Hey Jennifer, What if you offered an amazing referral program?!

OK! I'll do that! So I've been thinking of setting up some amazing options for referrals programs in addition to the incredible payment plans I'll be launching. The way the referral plan is, you send someone my way I'll give you free digital images from your previous or upcoming session OR the option to stack up those referrals for a free session! How amazing is that?!

I mean I love free stuff, I love referring people so it would be a win win for me! Let's hope it's a win win for you too! First step. Share this blog! I have my form all ready to get you that credit for the referral! 

Ok Jennifer, that all sounds great but I want the details now. 

Sure enough. The way it's going to work is for every person you send my way that books a session you get a free digital image from your previous session or your upcoming session. If you send 10 referrals my way you get the choice of my middle package for free!

But Jennifer I bought the package and got all my images included so I don't need free digital images.

Well if thats the case, then I will give you a gift card to your favorite coffee shop or donut place! 

This works great for my out of state friends that send people my way too! If you can't take advantage of the free digital images or the free session I will totally send you a gift card as a thank you! 

My business most almost solely thrives on word of mouth and referrals! Being a military spouse and moving often makes my job, well hard. Rebuilding that client base is hard especially in smaller towns so referral systems like this encourage those of you to spread the word of my business!

So what do you think?! Want to help a girl out?! Don't forget to share either this blog, the post I made on Facebook that brought you here or even just my Facebook page! If someone comes to me I always have them fill out my form that will ask how they found out about me but always make sure they tell me you sent them if they don't ! 

Have a lovely day! Have you helped a small business today?  


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