What if we did membership plans?!

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Membership Plans?

Ok hear me out! 

Often people tell me "It's been 3-4 years since we last had our pictures taken, I wished we did it more often" What if I said I've been working on the plan to offer membership plans if you will. So you'd be booking and paying for those milestone sessions for the little kids in your life ahead of time. If you're expecting a new baby, you'd book that maternity session, newborn session then those milestone sessions ahead so you're not having to worry about the last time you did sessions. Families with multiple kids, each kid has a different birthday, well in most cases I have a lot of family members that share the same birthday (Hey sis, did you and I plan that?) so knowing Johnny needs pictures schedule for January, Stephanie needs pictures in March and Bobby needs pictures in August then of course family photos once a year! Who has time to plan that?! The answer is ME! Message me to work out some amazing bundle/membership/subscription however you'd like that worded DEALS! 

The way this is going to work is you pick how many sessions you want a year then we work out the discount and give the option for a monthly payment plan or bi monthly however you'd like to work it. How does it work if I cancel mid year? Well if you're already thinking that, this may not be the plan for you! This plan is meant to be kept for everyone's sake! This will keep you on track for making sure those pictures get scheduled! Let's say Stephanie gets sick right before her session and she needs to reschedule for a few weeks later, totally fine! We'll reschedule NOT cancel! Let's say you're like me and you're a military family. Guess what?! You're moving and you can't keep those 2 sessions you have scheduled for the rest of the year, but you've had two sessions already that years. We'll work out a deal to squeeze in one of those last sessions in at a discounted rate! 

Let’s get to talking about what you’re all here to find out… PRICING!

The way this is going to work out is the price will be based on the package you’d like and how many sessions a year you’d like. Let’s say you’re expecting a new baby and you’d like a maternity session, newborn session and a couple of milestone sessions after the baby arrives. The way this plan will work out is for sake of simplicity you pick my $550 package option and you want 4 sessions booked for the year so you don’t have to worry about planning last minute. Don’t worry dates are always flexible as things come up but getting in my books gets you in for my few make up days I have for sessions that are changed, delayed due to weather and so on.

Booking 4 sessions in advanced not only is easier but you’ll save some cash in the meantime. Below is a little bit of a chart breaking down it even more if you want a different amount of sessions booked for the year. If you book the $550 package once a year it’s $550. If you book 4 sessions with me each session breaks down to $475 each with a booking multiple sessions in advance discount. I am now offering payment plans too. So instead of booking four sessions and paying $475 for each session each time you can maybe monthly payments. Again for simplicity sake you can book four sessions and break it down monthly to around $158 a month. You may think why in the world would I want to pay $158 a month for pictures. Couple of reasons, ONE that $158 will most certainly remind you to check with your dates and make sure you’re still good on the dates. TWO it will really be on top of booking those yearly sessions you may almost always forget to do.  

$550 one package $550 

$525 two packages booked in advance= $1050

$500 three packages booked in advance= $1500

$475 four packages booked in advance= $1900

Well Jennifer, I’m not expecting why would I need 4 sessions a year? Well you may not. But do you have kids? If so how many? More than one? Well you’ll want milestone pictures or birthday pictures if they’re older than 1. Do you want at least one family session a year? Well there is at least 3 sessions there. 

Jennifer I have one kid and do not plan on having more. What package do you recommend ? Even with one kiddo in your life you’ll still more than likely want at least two sessions a year if you want to stay on top of birthday pictures and family photos. Let’s be real kids change so much over a year by the time you get to family photos the kids have already changed! I speak from personal experience because I blink and my kids have grown up before my eyes !



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