What I'm working on (with Nicole)

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What I'm working on with Nicole Eib

I should say by working on I mean I'm taking pictures why she does almost everything else! Of course the amazing contractors she's working with are doing a lot of work too. It's a fun project to be on. 

I have always loved home renovation shows. My husband and I have even redone/updated a couple of houses we've owned. This is different because I get to be part of the process but without being financially responsible for any of it! In fact I get paid to be part of it! LOL You can't beat that! Each time I've been to this house to see it from start to now in progress I get so excited because you can just see what great potential it has! Already with a couple of coats of paint it's made a drastic change. These are just the first steps to get the house looking incredible. 

Let's take a minute to talk about Nicole Eib. She's amazing, I've said that but really she is SO dedicated to everything she does. She's selling and listing houses during this and putting 110% into each thing. She is not being stretched to give 33% of herself to each project. I will even say I told her the other day that I can't believe how quickly she responds to my messages. Even though I dread calling or texting her only because I feel bad adding another task for her, she NEVER has not answered the call or text without enthusiasm and care. 

She is a realtor that knows the area and knows the business. She is incredible at what she does. Her business is built on relationships. Relationships with her clients, relationships with the contractors she works with daily and even relationships with people who may or may not be clients of hers. She is a people person first. We've talked about how she works and even after she's worked with someone with a house she still talks to them even YEARS afterwards because she becomes so close to everyone. 

Recently I was around when someone asked her if she has a "that client" story that sticks out to her, as in a moment she's dreaded working with someone or she's learned a lesson to not do again. Her response was so genuine when she said "Honestly, I have loved every person I have worked with and have never had a situation that I didn't love the client and they didn't love working with me" It was so amazing to hear, because she had an honest response to what could have been a dicey answer. 
When working with people on a daily basis we all have the opportunity to learn those moments of what not to do or what people to steer from, this hasn't been the case for her and that says a lot about her! 


Ok sorry let's get back to this house! I'll try and keep my posts to just a couple updates here and there to keep it simple. The big dramatic finish will be amazing! Here is a collage of the before, As I'm posting these I cannot believe how much it's already changed since I took these! 

I should be posting an update to this blog in the next few days. While I have take a round of in progress pictures it's 2nd or 3rd in line of edits. It's been a surprisingly busy couple of weeks with sessions so updates and blogs have been moving a little slower! 



Wow it's been a while since this first round of updates were done. I'm just so behind on editing and blogs lol 

I think the first round of pictures was taken almost 2 days after the before pictures, though the kitchen was already a big difference this was just about what was done in the first few days. It made such a difference ! Every day I just can't wait for the final results. I can't imagine how everyone else is feeling during this! Then again I'm sure they're all so used to renovations that it's an every day thing for them. I do know Nicole Eib is definitely as excited if not more excited to watch the progress every day! She has done such an incredible job that she makes me super happy to work with her on future projects! 

I just can't believe how fresh and bright this white kitchen is! It was outdated before but wow! This just makes the whole area seem so much bigger and brighter! Even though the new counters are already in (going to go photograph them today) this still is a huge improvement! 



PAINT! Exterior paint was in progress, new floors were getting laid and more work on interior paint was being done as well. I think so far the laundry room is a big surprise of difference for me. I didn't add any before pictures of that at least I don't think so, but it seems like such a random room to be as dramatic of a change for me but it was! It makes the room feel so much bigger and of course way less outdated! Bathroom demos are coming along too! I can't wait to see what has been done when I get out there today! Stay tuned for update three in the next several days!  


These pictures are just a small peek of the dramatic changes from this house. The front of the house was almost unrecognizable when I went by! I had to look for the house number though I've been there several times! What a difference it made to paint ! 

It has been another good minute since I've updated. All these "small changes" have made SUCH a big difference! I am looking forward to doing the final pictures soon but here are more updated images until the FINAL REVEAL!!!!


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