A Much Kneaded Massage

June 22, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

When I first met Katie (owner of A Much Kneaded Massage) we were meeting to connect about both being local business owners. We were chatting to discuss tips and networking ideas. We hit it off from the very first second. She's amazing! I was asking her about my low back problems and asked what services her office offered to help. She immediately said "lay on the table let's see what we're working with" Thats when I knew we'd be great friends. 

I have been to their office twice now and left feeling so great. I had a massage with Alex and she listened to me when I said all my muscles are tense and my lower back hates me most days. I hurt so good as I say, don't worry they won't hurt you but you know a good massage when you're like "WOW I really needed this". 

The table was heated, YES PLEASE, the calming music was exactly what my soul needed and there wasn't a sound in the group other than that. I'm sure if I wanted to chat Alex may have but she was totally professional. There were a couple times I asked questions, because well that is who I am, and she answered me with so much information. 

While I saw Alex for the massage I am in the books with Luis in a few weeks for a fantastic and much needed stretch. I am sure there is a more professional way of saying that but I'm not a professional when it comes to massage. 

If you are anything like me an don't take as much time for yourself as you should make an appointment today, you will not regret it and we all know you KNEAD to! See what I did there. This is the point of the post that my kids would be shaking their heads at me embarrassed at the person they call mom. So my job here is done! 

Here is the link! Be sure to tell them I sent you!!!! 


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